A Telemed Personal Injury Platform

Injury MD is the first personal Injury Telemedicine platform in existence. Injury MD offers a complete turnkey solution to clients that are involved in Auto injury accidents, Slip & Falls and Worker’s Compensation.

About InjuryMD

Our tele-health providers are all trained in personal injury and provide documentation to assure the highest quality of care. Injury MD offers a complete treatment program for an injured patient with musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries at the convenience of their home and NOT requiring to be seen or treated at a facility.

Our Team of Board-Certified Physicians and Physical Therapist will obtain a detailed medical report, make an assessment, prescribe necessary medications, and provide ongoing quality rehabilitative and palliative treatment. We will provide detailed documentation and most importantly assure the overall well-being of your client.

The Executive Team


Dr Offer Danan


Dr. Antonio V Pruitt, PT, DPT, MPA




My therapist has been working with me on my neck and shoulders issue. He continues to provide physical therapy online… the online therapy will keep me going forward with my mobility and not slide backwards.

Becky, Physical Therapy Patient

My recent experience with Telehealth was excellent—“the next best thing to being there”! We “met” & addressed all issues, including questions that I had. At home exercises will make sure that all the progress I had made will continue!

Jane, Physical Therapy Patient

I have had two telehealth appointments this week, and they are so helpful and easy to do. My therapist was able to assess where I am, and tell me what I need to do until I can return for therapy there. I have experienced improvement doing the exercises he has me doing at home. I’m surprised how much can be accomplished over the internet! I’m grateful they are making this available. I’m sure I would not be able to maintain what I have accomplished since my last appointment without these online appointments. Give them a try.

Jacquin, Physical Therapy Patient

I had my first Telehealth appointment, and it went really well. The app is pretty simple to use and it was good for my therapist to see my living environment. He was able to give me some tips for things to do at home to continue my progress through a challenging time. So far, so good! I am experiencing fewer and fewer symptoms each day, so long as I keep up my exercises!

Mary, Physical Therapy Patient